Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Dollyland - Dollywood In Surabaya

isn’t Hollywood Surabaya. Dollywood Surabaya is not Hollywood. Dollywood is a place of prostitution in Surabaya, right? Mario, a former manager of Dollywood Surabaya rejected the plan the installation of surveillance cameras Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) at some point in the localization of the largest in Indonesia. According to Mario Activities at Dolly is privacy. Dolly is not in the way the protocol that must be installed CCTV, but this township.

Mario said, Surabaya City Government did not close calls Dolly, but the same thing with installing CCTV deadly Dolly. In fact, he continued, during the municipal government has banned commercial sex workers (prostitutes), pimps or new entrants.

If the installation of CCTV be done, Mario worried Dolly will be empty of visitors. Or another possibility is the guest booking commercial sex workers and play outside for example in hotels or elsewhere so that the government plans to reduce the practice of prostitution may not succeed, even practice spread beyond localization.

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