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Pantai Batakan – Tanah Laut – Kalimantan Selatan

Batakan beach - Sea Land - South Kalimantan
Batakan beach is a beach in Panyipatan subdistrict, Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Batakan beach located in the village Batakan Panyipatan subdistrict, Tanah Laut (Tala), about 125 kilometers east of the city of Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan Provincial Capital). To achieve Batakan Beach location, from the city of Banjarmasin relatively easy because the road conditions are good enough. Although the course meanders and up and down, but it presents a beautiful natural landscape in the form of rows of verdant hills, the yellow expanse of rice fields, as well as a fishing village located on the waterfront.

Access Road to Beach Batakan
Batakan beach is nautical tourism which is integrated with the natural scenery of the mountains, because in the east there are hills of pines that are part of Meratus. On this beach visitors can surround the beach while using horse rental, relax under the pine trees while enjoying the beauty of the beach, or see a panorama of nature, especially when the sun will set (sunset).

Ranks pine tree on the seashore Batakan
For residents outside the island of Borneo itself, the name may be less familiar Batakan beach in the appeal Kuta beach in Bali, Gili Trawangan beach or other beaches. This beach is actually less exposed by the media despite being so for its natural beauty not inferior to other beaches in Indonesia. The beach is white sand and presents a spacious light brown to make a friend can do any activity there, like playing volleyball, playing football, playing sand castles, swimming and so on.

Waves on the beach Batakan enough Quiet
For facilities on the beach is also quite complete. Already, there are restaurants, inns, cottages, mosque, playground, showers on the beach to rinse and vehicle parking area large enough. Here pal also could ride with a rental fee of Rp 10,000 per person or take a carriage to-do with the price of 5,000 rupiah per person. If my friend wants to surround the beach seputaran closer, my friend can hire a motor boat on this beach. For those who like fishing do not worry, on the beach there are also special spots for fishing.

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Off the coast of the island can be encountered Batakan Datu which is the object of pilgrimage is the tomb of a scholar who is also considered a saint. Datu Island (Pulau Datu Pamulutan) is a small island located near Batakan Beach, Panyipatan subdistrict, Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan. On the island named Datu because of the island there is the tomb of a datu (sunan / propagator of Islam), known as Datu Pamulutan, which formerly had a penchant for catching birds with sticky rice (sap).
In addition we can also shop in the center of the fish in this Batakan beach tourism. Various types of fish dry and wet fish we can find and we bought at the fish market centers. Obviously with sloping price and cheap when compared with prices in traditional markets or supermarkets in general.

Sentra sales of fish in Batakan Beach
Interested to visit the beach Batakan? please blogger friends to try sensations beach that exists outside the island of Java. The guarantee will certainly find the challenge exciting and different from the beach on the island of Java.

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